12U Guidelines

The Field:
The Field Size for 12U games is 70-80 yards long and 44-55 yards wide.

The Markings:
The Center Circle Radius is 8 yards, the Goal Area is 5 yards x 16 yards, Penalty Area is 14 yards x 36 yards, and Goal Line to Penalty is 10 yards. 

The Goals:
Goal Size is 6.5 feet high x 18.5 feet wide. (Max size - 7 feet high x 21 feet wide).

The Ball:
A size 4 ball is used for U-12 games.

The Players:

Player Equipment:
Shoes and shinguards, covered by the socks are mandatory at all practice and game activities. Soft-cleated soccer shoes or tennis shoes.

Duration of Game:
Four 15-minute periods. Halftime break of 5 - 10 minutes. No other changes from play as specified in FIFA Laws of the Game Printed for the American Youth Soccer Organization.

The referee must be a certified regional referee or above.